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Friday 8:00-10:00 P.M.


WBER History:
I first discovered WBER when I came back to the Rochester area for my wedding. I met my wife when we were both living in Santa Barbara, CA. She was originally from this area so this was where the wedding was held. While I was shuffling friends and family members from the airport to the hotel, I came across a Summercamp (a Santa Barbara band) song. It was the only time I heard the band outside of Santa Barbara. The station was of course BER. For the rest of the weekend BER was tuned to the rental car stereo. When we moved to the area in 2002, I searched the dial for BER again and immediately programmed it number one on my presets. I started DJing in 2004 and have been on the air since.

Real World:
I spend my days educating the future leaders of America. My nights and weekends are spent enjoying time with my wife, son and our sun conure, Bubba.

Five “I was there” Moments:
Green Day-Woodstock 94, Mainly because we had no tent and it was pouring rain all night, my friend Dave and I got up early enough Sunday morning to be right up front for the infamous mud slinging melee that left Mike Dirnt with some missing teeth.

Jane’s Addiction-Montezuma Hall, SDSU My first time seeing Jane’s ended with the power going out a few chords into the encore. Instead of leaving, the band stayed on stage and continued to play “Jane Says” as the crowd sang the song.

Pearl Jam-Irvine Meadows, Lollapalooza 92 At the end of their set, PJ was joined by Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron to play a couple of Temple of the Dog songs. “Hunger Strike” was the perfect accompaniment to the large crowd of ticketless fans who scaled a fence and raced across the large field that separated the parking lot from the back stage area. As the they played the song, we watched the crowd get closer and closer until they hit the backstage area and security. (Runner up: Pearl Jam at Golden Gate Park- Eddie Vedder leaves sick after four songs and is replaced by Neil Young)

The Smashing Pumpkins-Shoreline Amphitheater, Lollapalooza 94 We caught wind of a rumor that the Pumpkins were playing on the much more intimate second stage before headlining the main stage so we were right up front for the B sides only set.

U2-Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco Decided to skip class and on the way home heard them announce that U2 was playing for free at noon. Got there just in time for the start which was heavy on material that would end up on Rattle and Hum. The show ended with Bono scaling the large sculpture/fountain and spray painting “rock n roll stops traffic” in reference to the cars that had stopped on the Embardero freeway (which was torn down after the 89 Loma prieto quake) just above the plaza.

First Concert:
Y&T at Marriots’ Great America in Santa Clara, CA.

Favorite Movie:
Say Anything- “I can’t figure it all out tonight sir. I am just going to hang with your daughter.”

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 Gallery: WBER Photos  Album: WBER Staff  Album: Andrew   
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