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DJ Uno
 Gallery: WBER Photos  Album: WBER Staff  Album: DJ Uno   
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On-air name:
DJ Uno

Time Slot:
Tuesday 9:00-11:00 A.M.

Date of Birth:


WBER History:
An occasional listener back in the day (late 80's), my brother Al got me back into listening and when I won tickets to go see Moby I asked Joey about being a DJ. After 6 months of pestering him, he finally relented...

Real World:
I own Dragon Snack Games (dragonsnack.com) in Amherst/Buffalo, NY. Board games, card games, roleplaying games, and miniatures. Yeah, I'm a nerd...

5 Favorite Alternative Albums/Bands:
5. The Format - Dog Problems
4. Go Soundtrack
3. Fishbone - Fishbone 101: Nuttasaurusmeg Fossil Fuelin' The Fonkay
2. The Clash - The Story Of The Clash, Volume 1
1. The Cure - Staring At The Sea - The Singles

Cool Hobby:
Professional wrestling referee (Victor E, The Referee)

Favorite beverage:
Johnny Ryan Creme Soda (made in Niagara Falls, NY). It's a little more expensive than my previous champs, W-pop Mango and Dr Thunder...

Favorite TV Show:
Gotham. I still miss NCIS, but I'm way too far behind to list it as my favorite anymore...

Favorite Quote
: "Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem" - Ronald Reagan

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 Gallery: WBER Photos  Album: WBER Staff  Album: DJ Uno   
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